Combined Heat and Power Plant CHPP

Combined heat and power (Cogeneration) integrates the simultaneous production of usable heat and power generation, in one single process with high efficiency. This can be an individual building, an industrial factory or a city served by district heating.
The energy savings is between 20-40% when compared against the supply of electricity and heat from conventional steam power plants. Through the heat utilisation, cogeneration plants can reach efficiency ratings in excess of 80%.

Cogeneration plant provides a number of benefits including:
o High energy efficiency
o Reduces the costs
o Fuel flexibility
o Enhances and protects the environment
o Easy operation and maintenance

TPT can help you in following questions:
- Optimization of thermodynamic design of FW Heaters and District heaters
- Using of exist heat exchangers in the repowered cogen plant
- Failure analysis & reliability/availability for improvement of existing heat exchangers