PC Program for Feed Water Heater Design

TPThex05 from Thermal powerTec Ltd. is a software that was developed for simulating and optimizing the design of FWH's. It includes components of thermal and mechanical feedwater heater design of tube sheet type in conventional, nuclear and industrial steam power plants.


TPThex05 efficiently calculates horizontal and vertical tube sheet heaters with 2-pass U-Tubes of the following types:
" Co: Condensing Zone
" Co.Sc: Condensing Zone with an integral Subcooler
" Ds.Co.Sc: Condensing Zone with an integral Desuperheater and Subcooler

The complex interaction of the desuperheating, condensing and subcooling zones are modeled accurately in a user-friendly interface. Upon thoroughly testing TPThex05, Thermal powerTec Ltd. Considered maintaining the optimal solution when designing FWH.

TPThex05 was developed with Windows 10 (64 Bit) and should be executed in PC operation system Window 7 (64 Bit). The TPThex05 Design code was based on DIN, TEMA, AD, HEI standards and TPT design.

TPThex05 performs three main functions:

Thermal design:
this module provides the required geometric heater dimensions (as tube number, bundle and shell diameter, etc.) for a given input thermal data (as extraction steam inlet state, mass flow rate and inlet condition of feedwater). Design output file "***.dsn". The resulted output data can be exported into the performance function.

Thermal Performance:
for a given heater geometric heater dimensions and a given thermal input data, the module provides thermal output data (such as water and condensate outlet temperature). In this module, the heater geometry can be optimized by changing some geometric parameters. TPThex05 includes tube vibration and venting system calculation. All operating modes according to the heat balance diagrams can be calculated. Performance output file "***.pfm".
Both design and performance functions create DXF file "*** T.dxf" diagram of feedwater, steam and condensate temperature of the heater.

Mechanic Design & Weights:
The mechanic module provides a preliminary mechanic heater design. In addition to the weight of heater components (tubes, water box, tube sheet, steam shell, nozzles and other parts) and drawings which are necessary for providing feed water heater offers. The mechanical output is an essential basis for the final mechanical calculation and heater construction.
Mechanic output file "***.mcw".
Refer to Exhibit 050 (project data flow).

Aditional mechanic output files:
" Tube Bundle geometry,      file "***.bun"
" Tube Length and bends, file "***.ben"
" Datasheet,               file "***.dsh"

Mechanic Drawings, dxf-Files:

" Heater outline: the mechanical calculation creates an outline drawing in the form of a dxf file (***O.dxf) according to the selected and calculated heater type.

" Heater bundle: the mechanical calculation also generates a bundle drowning in the form of a dxf file (***B.dxf) according to the selected and calculated heater type

Help File Support:

TPThex05 is supported with a help file offering information about:
" Tube bundle geometry and support plates
" Desuperheater and subcooler geometries
" Limit velocities of water, steam and condensate in tubes, water box, shell and nozzles
" Materials, control level, tube vibration and venting system


" TPThex05 performs economic thermal and mechanical designs and determines the weights of the heater components
" The material and manufacturing costs can be determined based on the calculated components weights
" During calculations, TPThex05 provides a warning message if the flow velocity or dimensions exceed limit values
" TPThex05 is supported with a help file function for support and assistance " TPThex05 simplifies the process of delivering offers by providing heater outline and data sheet
" Upon orders, TPThex05 can optimizes the thermal heater design and calculates all operating modes.
" The mechanical design is an essential foundation for the final mechanical calculation and heater construction.
" TPThex05 is an accurate and user-friendly tool that increases engineering efficiency and saves person hour.


Project file (Hph3dcs.Prj):

Thermal Performance file (Hph3dcs.pfm):

Mechanic design file (Hph3dcs.mcw):
Outline of HP FW Heater, file Hph3dcs.dxf:

Bundle of HP FW Heater, file Hph3dcsB.dxf: