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Gas Turbine Power Plants

Existing Gas turbine power plant (GTPP)

GTPP in the whole consist of an air compressor, a gas turbine, gas turbine cooling system and generator (Fig. 028).
The gas turbine power plant offers low capital costs, quick installation, flexibility in fuel selection and low maintenance cost but low thermal efficiency and expensive demineralized cooling water.

Gas Turbine Air Cooling:
The problem of the gas turbine is particularly in the high temperature of the turbine blades. In order to bear the high temperatures, apart from the use of developed materials the turbine components are cooled additionally from the inside, by compressed and cooled cooling air.

Open cooling concept is used for cooling the compressed cooling air:
A part of the compressed air is removed on different pressure levels from the compressor and used for the cooling of combustion chamber and turbine blades. The extracted cooling air must be cooled down, before it used as cooling air in the turbine. After cooling of turbine components the cooling air is mixed in the turbine with the main gas flow.

Water Injection (quench cooler) is used in GTPP:
In gas turbine power plants usually the cooling air is cooled by water injection (Quench cooling) and be supplied as cooling air to the cooling system of the turbine. During such open air cooling with a water injection the previously demineralized water and its evaporation heat flow go lost with the turbine exhaust gases.

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In particular in countries with dry regions it is to be found necessarily a new procedure with an effective cooling air cooling without a water consumption.

The research and the development of the gas turbine cycle led to a new procedure for the reduction of exhaust gas losses.