Consulting & Technical Support
in Thermal Power Plants

The TPT Swiss Company in Zurich operates nationally and internationally in the field of thermal power plants and and internal combustion engines .
Greater power output, higher thermal efficiency and availability are key issues for power generation markets. TPT made a substantial contribution in this area.
The requirements of technology, economy and environmental protection are taken into account in the business areas' activities.
TPT is pleased to present our brochure and current activities on the different ranges of the thermal power plants: Apparatuses, Components and Systems.

Feedwater Heaters, Coolers:

- HP Heaters: tubesheet type and header type heaters
- LP Heaters: duplex heaters and district heaters
- Gas Turbine Air Coolers: water/steam cooled
FW Heater Design Program:
Thermal & mechanical design
Tray type and packing type deaerators (make-up deaerator in CCPP)
water cooled, air cooled and direct contact condensers
Cycles for Gas and Steam Power Plants:
- Gas Turbine Cooling
- New Supplementary Pre-Firing and FW Heating Cycle in HRSG
..(VGB Powertech)

New Piston Motor
-YfMotor1 with Rocker Arms and Crank Drive / Animation
-YfMotor2 with serrated pleuel & cogweel ..../ Animation

TPT offers expert technical consulting and supports for optimal thermal design and performance of new and retrofit feedwater heaters and to improving the profitability/availability of exist steam turbine power plants (STPP) and combined cycle power plants (CCPP).
TPT has the experience to support your technical needs in power plant cycles.
TPT personnel have more than 30 years experience in design and development of feedwater heaters, deaerators and thermodynamic cycles of power plants (see Patent list in Expeience & Patents).

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For more information on TPT activities, please contact Dr. M. Youssef,
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